Life Of June

Hi everyone thanks for following/visiting my blog.
For my future (lol) you know what you’re getting yourself into, this blog is about :
• Super Junior especially 50 percents of this blog dedicated for them.
• Shinhwa...that’s takes about 35 percents.
• 15 percents is for other miscellaneous things such as Kdrama, food , inspirational quotes, etc.
• Sometimes I make edits, I don’t make GIF, I tried but I suck at it.
Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day <3

All hail to the queens of KPop!!

I’m so happy right now! Everyone is looking so hot!!tsfydghfjskfhyuytwghbkn

according to Naver the rumor the girls will have 12 new songs, I hope this doesn’t mean 12 version of the same song in different language…do you hear me JYPE!!!